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Workplace Safety Programs

Hard hat

Learn how to promote safety and raise awareness with a safety program and promotional products.  Here are a few suggestions and tips.

Safety programs must be tailored to fit each organization. Each organization has its own peculiar needs. One size does not fit all.  While needs may vary, it is important that an organization’s facilities and operations be inspected on a routine basis.  Any safety code violations should be corrected as quickly as possible. The purpose of an inspection program is to identify and remedy hazards before they lead to injuries and claims. It also sends the message that safety is a priority of the organization and helps foster a safe atmosphere.

Carry your safety message and customize it your company logo. Remind, appreciate and reward your staff with safety reminders and incentives that shows your company’s commitment to safety.

Award or pass out promotional items. When you launch a safety program create some buzz and give out items with your safety slogan.   When you have a program anniversary, make sure you remind your employees.  Another great way to award safety is if an employee meets a personal or company goal.  Recognize employees who practice safety. Branded apparel will bring attention to safety and your program. Periodically surprise employees with items distributed around the office. The more products you can offer during your program, the more engaged your employees will be.

Remember it takes time and effort for you and your employees. Safety isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life.  Come see us at the 2017 Michigan Safety Conference.

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