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May 2017: What’ Hot

One of the most common questions I get in this industry is what’s the “hot, new, trendy” item.  This varies depending on the time of year.  Sometimes it’s the way a shirt is designed, sometime it’s a tech products, and sometimes it’s an inexpensive fun item.  In this case, there is two items that fall into the new and trendy inexpensive category.

The first is the “Fun Spinner”.  This toy is used to give you a break and help with stress.  It is very popular with kids in schools.  Here is the back story about the toy.


This item is perfect to pass out at your office or even at a trade show.  This item will be used over and over again.

The next item that is hot and trendy is the Luminate Stylus Pen.  This pen makes a statement.  It has a unique illuminating imprint.  It will catch anyone’s eye.


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