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Understanding File Formats

File formats are very important in the promotional product world.  It can make or break a project.  If you don’t have the proper art, it can delay the project and cause a lot of headaches.

First, it is important to understand there are two kinds of graphics created on a computer: raster images and vector images.

Raster file formats differ by the amount of data contained in the image. The smaller the file, the less data there is. The amount of data affects both the quality and the color of the image.  They are made up of pixels.  Also, referred to bitmap images.  If you zoom in on raster graphics it tends to become blurry.  These are .jpg .gif .png .tif


Vector files also know as EPS file, they are made of lines or path.  These allow for more editing and flexibility.  Your company logo and brand graphics should be created in this.  These are .ai .eps .pdf .svg

The thing to remember is you should always choose vector file for printing, this will ensure you that every time you print your logo it will be high quality.   If you have any other questions please email here and visit us at or follow us on FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn


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