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No Warm Welc Omes

The NBA Playoffs are currently going on and if you have been watching the games we know one thing is for sure.  The NBA teams like to give out shirts, rally towels and noise makers.  These are used to unite the fans and add some extra energy.  One of the rally towels from Sunday’s Cleveland and Boston game made a little social media noise.


Phone credit here

As you can see, the rally towel is very busy.  The way Welc Omes is broken up raised a lot of questions.  Many recommendations flooded in on Twitter to print it landscape.   The rally towel was passed out to each fan, give or take about 20,000 rally towels.  We will probably never find out how it was designed or the backstory but maybe it was a team of people, maybe just one person or maybe they were rushed.

This brings me to my point: Always remember these few steps before you go to production.

  1. Plan – a lot more risk is involved last minute
  2. Ask for feedback – ask around, show fellow employees
  3. Try to visualize from the end-user – what would the fan think?
  4. Social media – it can be your best friend or worst enemy

I am not saying the design is good or bad.  I am here to remind you how to avoid negative comments on social media about your giveaway (that you spent a lot of time and money on).   I am sure this will be quickly forgotten after tonight’s game but if you are ever unsure of your design or need a second opinion, it never hurts to ask.

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