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Unique Holiday Travel Item

Did you know?
What’s the dirtiest thing in a hotel room? Researchers at the University of Houston took bacteria samples from several items in hotel rooms. The toilet and sink come to mind, but it’s actually the TV remote and the switch on the bedside lamp that had the most bacteria.911d1212-72df-4ecd-aaaf-f7aaca4576bd

How the UV  Sanitizing Wand Effectively Keep You Safe From the Harmful Germs.
1.UV-C light approved by the NHS and used in hospitals and clinics  worldwide.
2.Third party scientifically tested and proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs and allergy causing contaminants
3.Use in the home, office, or on holiday – Can be safely used on any surface or item and will not cause damage
4.Environmentally friendly, UV-C is a natural germicidal light, reducing the need for harsh, harmful chemicals or sprays
5.The UV-C light helps to eliminate germs on surfaces and items as well as destroy dust mites and their toxic waste that might be living in your bed or furniture and can cause pneumonia or asthma. It also destroys bacteria, mold and microbial  pests which can affect asthma and allergy sufferers. It uses 253.7nm UV-c, most powerful in sterilization, and we have SGS test report to show killing 99.99% germs within 30-seconds.

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