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The Essentials: Her Travel Apparel

The Essentials: Her Travel Apparel 

From our friends at Cutter & Buck..

One of the allures of travel is experiencing new vistas and new activities. But those discoveries can also come with cramped airplane seats, long car rides and unfamiliar weather patterns.

Comfort begins by making sure you have what you need for the entire journey. Start by choosing clothing that fits well, moves with you and layers easily. Make sure every piece can do double duty with other items you’re packing, and choose mostly wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

The right clothes go a long way toward making every part of travel more comfortable.  Here’s where to start:




Travel light around town or on the trail, while stashing your key card, credit card and cash in the zippered arm pocket. The mock neck provides a bit of extra protection from the elements, while moisture-wicking fabric adds comfort to vacation recreation.




A bit of spandex creates a moves-with-you fabric, while a pull-on waistband adds to the ultimate comfort of these versatile pants. They come in black to match all your tops. The invisible zip pockets maintains flattering lines, while UPF 50+ fabric provides excellent UV protection.


Sandpoint jacket


A must-have for the well-organized traveler, this quilted jacket zips into its own pocket, keeping your carry-on or daypack easy to navigate.  This wind- and water-resistant layer has knit accent pieces for additional comfort.  Check out the Sandpoint Vest too.




When it’s too warm for a jacket but too cool for a sweatshirt, get the best of both worlds with the Stealth. This heathered full-zip allows you to keep your core cozy with weather resistant quilt panels, and keep your arms free and mobile with moisture-wicking knit jersey


Lakemont Cardigan


Perfect for alfresco or beachfront dinners, this chic and classic cardigan fits the bill when evening temperatures call for a cover-up to your sleeveless dress or top. Also available in a V-neck sweater.


shoreline colorblock_ladies


Ultra-flattering colorblock detailing will soon make this your favorite mid-weight jacket.  This jacket has cozy fleece lining and a zipper for easy layering.


Rally Split neck


This is not your basic tee.  Modern details include split-neck design, center seam, and unfinished cuffs and hem, while 100% cotton recalls our favorite traditional t-shirts.


Clare Polo


Take advantage of fine weather by baring your arms. Tonal microstripes add a nice touch to wrinkle-resistant, high-UPF fabric.




Hiking near waterfalls or heading out on the boat? This packable jacket will keep you comfortable with its wind- and wind-resistant fabric and classic styling. The mock neck conceals a hood in case of sudden showers.




A classic button-down shirt is an essential wardrobe piece, even when traveling. This versatile shirt can be dressed up with slacks or worn casually open over a tank top.

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8 Trends in event promotional products and cool retro comebacks in 2018

Looking for new inspirations to get event visitors excited about your latest swag and get them placing orders before they leave?


Retro – A fanny pack is great for millennial’s.

Wellness – Consider a yoga mats or socks and sport bags.

Drinkware –   Try a sleek new bottle with trendy colors.

Functional – Anything that makes life easier is a hit, wireless powerbanks.

Tech – A webcam cover should be considered for your next tradeshow. Don’t forget about Popsockets.

Gadgets – Bluetooth trackers that are multi-functional, attaching to luggage or smartphones.

Work-related – Portfolios, high-end writing instruments and journals are still very popular.

Outdoor – Try a drybag back or a packable jacket.

Ethical – Sustainable products are on consumers minds.  A metal straw is a great idea.

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Trend Watch: Gift Season 2018

Ready to see what’s new and what’s hot for the holidays and all those year-end gift occasions? You’ve come to the right place.

Trend Watch: Gift Season 2018
It may be summer, but it’s time to kick off holiday and year-end gift giving.

Don’t panic – you’re in good hands this year. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to bring you the best product mix for every year-end gifting occasion. From killer client gifts, to stellar employee anniversary awards, it’s our job to find you a gift that’s just right for your brand.

In August, we introduced tons of new products and apparel pieces inspired by the latest trends and designs you’ll be seeing online and in stores. So as we charge into the back half of the year, here’s a look at the trends you need to know to make this the best gift season yet.

1. Trend: Scoring Big Points With Retail Brands

Are you looking to make a big splash with your heavy-hitter clients this year? It’s time to consider the extra value that comes with a gift from a well-known retail brand such as Cutter & Buck or Wenger. These established brands offer not only stylish, quality products, but also have a perceived (and well-deserved) value that goes a long way when you’re trying to impress a client and show them how much their business means to your organization. Spending a little more will score some big points. Click on the images for product details. 


Shop Brands

2. Trend: Adding A Special Touch With Custom Labels

We’ve introduced a select group of apparel styles that allow you to feature your logo or special message on a panel inside the neck or waistline. It’s your brand, all the way down to the label.

This is a big opportunity to add a special touch to your apparel. You can simply add your logo to create a custom collection, or you can use these branding locations for recognizing special occasions and commemorating milestones such as work anniversaries.

Along with Trimark’s low minimum order quantities, creating a custom collection or adding a special message is easier and more affordable than ever. Click on the image for more details.


Shop Custom Label Styles

3. Trend: Wowing With Tech-Integration

There’s a hot new trend that’s delivering a shot of excitement to traditional promotional products like bags and drinkware. Tech features, like charging ports and Bluetooth speakers are being added to products to increase the fun and deliver more function and convenience. The Zoom Node Wireless Charging Backpack has a zippered side pocket with a built-in wireless charger. Simply throw your phone in the pocket and it will charge while you’re sitting in a meeting or running to make that plane connection.

Taking your tunes on the go with integrated Bluetooth speakers is another key trend. The Soundwave Vacuum Insulated Bottle has a Bluetooth speaker built in to the lid, while the Blare Backpack has a removable speaker that lights up when in use. Click on the images for product details.



Shop Tech-Integrated Gifts

4. Trend: Retail-Inspired, High-Performance Insulated Drinkware

In retail, high-performance insulated drinkware hotter than ever. From campus to the boardroom – it’s everywhere.

Our most popular tumblers, those with copper vacuum insulation, are home run gifts for any brand. What makes them so universally-loved? First, they perform – keeping beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold up to 48 hours. Second, they’re practical. They’re meant to be used every day.

The popular Hugo Tumbler is an all-time gift favorite. It’s available at a great price and comes in several sizes and tons of vibrant colors. For something a little different, check out the trendy new Rover Insulated Camp Mug or the Twist Leak Proof Tumbler. Both are retail-inspired and nail the sweet spot between fun and functional. Click on the images for product details. 


Shop Copper Vacuum InsulationDrinkware


5. Trend: Standing Out With Packaging and Presentation

Someone wise once said that presentation is everything. Retail packaging options and gift setsoffer more than a way to recognize a special occasion or important relationship – they’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way.

This couldn’t be easier. You can take your gift to another level by simply adding a gift box to our on-trend copper vacuum insulated drinkware pieces. This quick upgrade turns a great gift into something really memorable. We also have retail-style gift packaging options for blankets and umbrellas, both favorite holiday gifts.

The mighty tote bag is another easy way to add a special touch to a gift.  Use totes – with or without a logo – to package drinkware, stationery or even gifts from other places. For PCNA items, we’ll even do the insertion for free! Our metallic totes are nice festive packages for spreading cheer. Click on the images for product details.


Shop Totes and Packaging Options

The Bottom Line

A gift says a lot about your brand and it needs to send the right message. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect piece that’s completely you.

Source: Trend Watch: Gift Season 2018

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Finding The Perfect USB Promo For Your Campaign

This guide was created to figure out which USB is perfect for you to add your branding to and use as your next useful promotional item.

USB promos are the most sold products because of it’s huge capabilities. Whether you need to distribute promos with the added bonus of digital catalogs or press releases at a conference, share brand images and video commercials to influencers and media, store new music downloads at festivals and music events, distribute orientation materials to new students or employees, USB’s have become great necessities for brands just like yours.


Style: There are many different options ..from bamboo to leather, to custom shapes.  Think of the style you want for your campaign.

Storage Basics:

2GB: Although there are USB flash drives available in smaller sizes, they are hardly worth the expense.  2GB flash drives are best utilized by people who transfer small document files or a few large media ones. 2GB of memory allows you to store over 50,000 documents and over 500 minutes of music. 2GB is not big enough to hold large .MP4s and other video format files

4GB: A 4GB USB flash drive, having double the storage of a 2GB card, is suited for moderate use. Students who like to keep a backup copy of their documents and projects can get by with 4GB of storage for their entire school career. If you are transferring a small amount of music, photos, or video files, a 4GB USB flash drive should get the job done.

8GB: With an 8GB USB flash drive, users can store a moderate amount of information. Since the price difference between 4GB and 8GB is marginal, if trying to decide between the two, go ahead and opt for twice the memory. You can store thousands of photos and thousands of minutes worth of music. 8GB is ideal for business people, students, or those who like to organize years’ worth of records and back them up in a single location.

16GB: If you are into transferring large media or data files, then it is time to bump up to double digit storage capacity. 16GB USBs allows users to move thousands of songs between computers. 16GB of space is plenty of memory to hold and transfer large chunks of information.

32GB: Purchasing a 32GB USB flash drive is getting into some serious storage space. You can hold several full length movies, thousands of songs and photos. With 32GB of space, you can store several programs and applications.

64GB+: A 64 GB USB flash drive can hold an incredible amount of information. At this storage capacity, you can safely store millions of documents, thousands of hours of music, or up to 25,000 photos. If 64GB seems like a lot of space, many manufacturers are now producing 128GB and 256GB USB flash drives marketed towards those who need to transport massive amounts of media and files.

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Hot Promotional Apparel Trends For Fall

With another fall season quickly approaching, industry suppliers are gearing up for a warehouse wardrobe change.  Here are some trends from ASI – Wearables.

Packable Outerwear

Garments that fit active lifestyles


Honor a company’s anniversary by decorating with several generations and versions of the company’s logo on different patches

Private Label

Branding the inside yoke with a client’s logo makes it appear as if the shirt is completely customized for the brand

Tactile Fabrics

Materials as diverse as Sherpa, tri-blend, ringspun cotton, slub and mélange provide an ultra-soft hand that entices customers, and decorators are using washes and water-based inks to soften prints before the final product reaches the customer

Colorblocking/1990s Throwback

Colorblocking comes in many shapes and sizes: It can be subtle or extravagant and undoubtedly allows brands to have fun and show off their personalities.


Bold patterns play into the layered look many consumers are going for, wearing several different colors, prints and fabrics to give the outfit a very textured and comfortable appearance.

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Know Your Shades

Who doesn’t love sunglasses?

Sunglasses have been and always will be one of the most popular promotional products. Why? Because practically everyone wears them and there is a style out there that fits everyone’s personal brand. So how do you even know which pair to associate with your client’s brand? You might want to think about who their customers are and who will want to wear the sunglasses you are branding.

Here’s a handy guide, including the name and the style icons responsible for making each pair popular.

From left to right: John Lennon Style, Cat Eye, Wayfarer, Aviator Style


Aviator is the perfect promotional product for clients associated with the military, law enforcement, and motorcycle charity rides. You can find aviators with every single colored lens you can think of, and you’ll want to remember that reflective lenses can be a bit more playful, while the simple tinted lens offers a subtler option.

‘Creatives, musicians, and stylish execs all love Wayfarers. Are your customers appealing to people who like to be told they are awesome? (Probably, because everyone likes to be told they are awesome.) Tell them to hook their people up with some Wayfarers (or the many variations thereof) and they will feel like champions.

“Cat Eye” style glasses work well for a female client base that is stylish, fun, witty, and often graceful. They are perfect for clients whose charities benefiting women’s health and education.

Since these glasses are generally more playful than professional (in most cases), let your customers know that these are great promotional products for schools, fundraisers, festival giveaways, and any business that wants to project an image of being fun-loving and imaginative.

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3,000 Impressions

Did you know a hat makes over 3,000 impressions in its lifetime? Have you ever thought about hats for your next event or just to have but aren’t sure what kind? Let us help you out.  We will send you a free spec sample with your logo on it. We can customize your hat with powerful design techniques and fabrics to create a style that makes a lasting brand and impression that will create a marketing experience. Message us your logo and event date and we will create something together!   capppp2

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